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Why I Am A Rotarian

Personal Stories
Click the above link to read personal stories by Amy Doré and Jim Calandra about why they decided to become Rotarians as originally run in the Monterey Herald newspaper on February 24, 2011.  This is a must read!

I joined Rotary as an avenue for community service and along the way I found camaraderie as well. It is especially rewarding to see Rotarians from all walks of life come together to provide Service Above Self. This value can be seen at every level of Rotary—local, national, and international—and is a meaningful guidepost for conducting one’s life.

-Nancy Shammas

I am a Rotarian because it allows me to be a part of the community. I enjoy getting to know and interacting with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to providing service at the local, national, and international levels. I also enjoy the friendship and the sense of camaraderie that working together on projects and socializing at the weekly meetings provides. Joining Rotary was the best decision I have made in my professional life.

-Kyle A. Krasa

I was invited to join Pacific Grove Rotary in 1997, after being thoroughly vetted, a process which is important for both the potential member and the club, to determine a good fit.  My husband, John, had been a member of Monterey Sunrise Rotary for many years.

What can I say about my involvement that hasn't been said?  Belongng to this group is one of th emost important things in my life.  I enjoy the fellowship enormously, the weekly luncheons with good speakers, the activities both communicay service and social.  When help is needed, Rotarians are there.  I will be a member so long as possible.  I really love it.

-Jane Roland

When I was asked about looking into Rotary, I was drawn to the networking aspect since I was starting a new insurance agency.  After getting involved, I found that Rotary and Rotarians contribute in many ways to the local community and internationally.  Being in Rotary means involves working to eradicate polio, giving scholarships to local students, running a local track meet, and organizing the Good Old Day's parade.  I'm proud to be in the company of my fellow Rotarians.

-Mitch Davis

I love being a Rotarian!  I have been involved with many clubs over the years and the Pacific Grove Rotary Club is my favorite.  The camaraderie and friendships I have developed are a wonderful extra to all the good that Rotary does.  As one person we can't do much to change the world but as part of over a million Rotarians worldwide, great things can happen!  Pacific Grove Rotary has been my club since 1999 and I'm fortunate to have found such a warm, welcoming group.

-Joe Shammas

Rotary offers so much to the community and the member.  Initially joining Rotary as a vehicle to serve the local community, I found Rotary to be a great organization for the purpose of networking with other business people and social interaction on a weekly basis.  As Foundation Chair, I have helped contribute to some of the great humanitarian projects around the world and am proud to be a member of this organization.  Rotarians around the world give so much of their time and money to help others.  I have found Rotary to be the best way to serve my community.  What I get back is the pride of giving and opportunity to be part of a wonderful group of members.

-Vivian Lewis

I joined Pacific Grove Rotary because I wanted to be involved with a service organization that supported local projects.  With its involvement in the Good Old Days in April, the Auto Rally in August, to ongoing projects for PG High School and local parks, the PG Rotary Club meets the criteria.  Throw in the fellowship at the weekly meetings and knowing that fellow Rotarians are there and will assist, the decision to join Rotary was easy.

-Dennis Dolley

PG Rotary is meaningful and enjoyable.  Business contacts and customers are made and the club's service to the local needs and international needs is significant.  Great friends are made and the weekly meetings are surprisingly fun.

-Elaine Menchaca

I originally joined Rotary because I saw membership as a great way to participate in projects to improve our community.  I was most interested in joining an organization that was supportive of education, and the Rotary Club of Pacific Grove has fulfilled that goal many times over, with emphasis on helping our local schools adjust to financial hard times.  I’ve now been a member for nearly 15 years, and I have realized that Rotary has become important to me in other ways as well.  Membership provides a wonderful opportunity to make friends, to learn about a wide variety of subjects, and to network with business people and community leaders who share similar principles and goals. I particularly appreciate that we hear fascinating speakers every week – on very diverse topics!

-Jane Durant-Jones


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